Si a la muerte imita el sueño
HUETE, MURCIA - Tarantela

Art songs by José Marín (1618-1699)
Lindoro NL-3053 (Spain)

En mi amor tal ausencia
JOSE MARIN - De la sierra morena
LUCAS RUIZ DE RIBAYAZ - Xácaras por primer tono
LUCAS RUIZ DE RIBAYAZ - Danza del hacha

“En mi amor tal ausencia”
Amor y desamor en los tonos de José Marín (1618-1699)
Lindoro NL-3046 (España)


“… el repertorio es muy llamativo y está interpretado maravillosamente, con un buen balance afectivo entre lo exuberante y lo contemplativo”.
American Recorder, EE.UU., diciembre 2021

Alado cisne de nieve
JUAN DE NAVAS - Oh feliz yo, Adiós selvas

Art Songs Juan de Navas (1647-1719) Etcetera KTC 1609 (Belgium) 2018


“A delightful collection including premiere performances. Clear sound, intimate feeling. This disc should open the ear to the heretofore unheard treasury of Baroque Spanish theater music. Highly recommended not only for something unusual, but also for an excellent performance that gives substance to this interesting repertory.” – Fanfare, USA

Aves, flores y estrellas
GASPAR SANZ - Fuga por primer tono al ayre español
JUAN DE NAVAS - No es nada lo que piden

Tonos and Arias by Juan de Navas (1647-1719) Lindoro NL-3037 (Spain) 2017


“I was impressed with Jairo Serrano’s versatility. His attractive tenor voice is well suited to the repertoire with which he is obviously very familiar; his insight
into the characteristic Spanish zarzuela style and clear diction makes for very enjoyable listening.” – The Lute Society Magazine, UK

Dos estrellas le siguen
MANUEL MACHADO - Dos estrellas le siguen
SPANISH ANONYMOUS - No hay que decirle el primor
JUAN CABANILLES - Xácara primer tono

17th Century Xacaras and Dances in Spain and Latin America Centaur CRC 3501 (USA) 2016


“The members of Música Ficta are versatile musician-scholars who treat their material with affection as well as authority. Given the quality of the music and performances, one looks forward to seeing what they will offer us next.” (4.5 stars ****1/2 AllMusic, USA) – Fanfare, USA

Cuando muere el sol
MARTIN Y COLL - Obra de sexto tono
SEBASTIAN DURON - Sosieguen, descansen
SEBASTIAN DURON - Y pues de tu error los suspiros

Art Songs by Sebastián Durón (1660-1716) Arion ARN68825 (France) 2011


“…refreshing and enjoyable, excellent sound and performances in a great variety of music.”
(4 Stars ****) – Audiophile Audition, USA

Del mar del alma
JOSE CORAZÓN - Corazón que en prisión
MANUEL BLASCO - Ventezillo travieso
MANUEL BLASCO - Versos al órgano

Music and Poetry in Colonial Bogota 17-18th c. Arion ARN68789 (France) 2008


“Música Ficta sings and plays with infectious enthusiasm and flair. An appropriately colorful sound… refreshingly wild in their rough-hewn vigor.” – AllMusic, USA

Esa noche yo bailá
CLEMENTE IMAÑA - Filis yo tengo
CLEMENTE IMAÑA - Filis yo tengo

Feast and Devotion in High Peru of the 17th Century Arts Music 47727-8 (Germany) 2006


“Música Ficta offers a fascinating perspective of this Apollenean- Dyonisian mixture of the Latin-American baroque, that musical apotheosis of feast and adoration in which it is difficult to distinguish adoration of the celestial from the terrestrial. There is good reason for this recording to be nominated for a prize.” – Klassik Magazin, Germany (5 stars ***** Outstanding, Musyka21, Poland)

Sepan Todos que Muero
BOLIVIAN ANONYMOUS - Esa noche yo bailá
GASPAR SANZ - Preludio o capricho arpeado
JOSE MARIN - Aquella sierra nevada

“Limpid and dulcet voice… stylistic penchant, attractively performed… accompaniments are exquisite and haunting.”
– American Record Guide, USA 


Music of Peasants and Courtiers in the Viceroyalty of Peru, 17th-18th c. Centaur CRC 2797 (USA) 2003

De Antequera sale un moro
MIGUEL DE FUENLLANA - De Antequera sale un moro

Music of the Christian, Moorish and Jewish Spain c. 1492 Jade 74321-79256-2 (France) 2000


“Passionate performances… evokes the Spanish ‘Reconquista’ with vivid colors.” – Le Monde de la Musique, France

Romances y villancicos de España y del Nuevo Mundo

Jade 198-142-2 (France) 1996


“Overwhelming freshness in their approach …an unaffected clarity far from the sterile outpourings of many European ensembles …a tremendous sense of enjoyment of the performers… full of life and vitality…” – The Recorder Magazine, UK